Discontinued...........     Leaving pictures up for information purposes.

          5 Inch Alumium Baginski Beveler Wheels


These aluminum wheels are in two halves, each one is one inch thick and 5 inches in diameter.
They have a 3/8 hole center drilled and  9 1/2inch 3/8 threaded mandrel with 4 jam nuts is provided.

Price is $150.00 ......email me for payment information

It is easy to make your own beveler carriage to fit on your lathe. Illustrations are provided with your order. After applying 40 grit sandpaper to each wheel half with epoxy, securley tighten all four jam nuts against the wheel when it is on the mandrel. Place one end of the mandrel in your chuck and support the other end in a live center. Running speed should be between 1200 to 1800 rpm. Faster speeds can tear out sandpaper. The paper we use is 40 grit and we cut it from standard 5 inch discs with holes. These discs are sold for hook and loop orbital sanders. After the center is cut out of the discs, the discs are cut into four equal pieces and glued to each wheel half with 5 minute epoxy. You will find that you will need one more small piece of 40 grit for each half, so prepare 3 discs before glueing. When the paper wears (usually after about 18 to 20 strips) simply heat up the paper with your heat gun and remove.

Clean strips with a perfect 60 degree angle are produced and ready to bind up for heat treating. This will eliminate rough planing and the wear and tear on your shoulder.